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Commissions are easy.

You want a unique work of art  but who has the time to search the web, galleries, and shows for the perfect piece for that specific spot?

Let me collaborate with you to create the piece that's right for you.


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See what collectors have to say


A place to put your prayers and worries

I bought 3 boxes for my friends and they loved them so much they cried. While walking with my one friend who had been pouring out her heart, I said “Now you have a place to put your prayers and worries.”.


- Jill

Into the box my worries go

"When you worry, you suffer twice..." and so, into the box my worries go... Could not be more perfect! It is among some beloved objects of meditation and joy.


- Lauren

Joy all around!

I bought my legacy box because at first sight it just spoke to me. I bought it without knowing or thinking about how I could use it. But then after I bought legacy boxes for my parents, I realized that my box would become my blessing box! I write on little torn up pieces of paper on things I’m grateful for. And even things that bring me joy on any particular day that I want to be reminded of at the end of a week/month/year. Whenever I need it. There are no rules. And the legacy boxes are for my parents. Answering questions about themselves that I selfishly never thought to ask when I was younger. Some of the questions are fun and trivial and some are insightful. I can’t wait to read the journals that were included with these boxes. That’s where the questions in the box are answered. And lastly, I am thrilled to support my friend’s amazing talent! Joy all around!


- Julia Edwards

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