Art and creativity have been compelling forces in my life long before I realized I was an artist! 

From singing in a band in my early years to studying the movement of the body and crafting customized workouts as a personal coach, to capturing timeless moments as a professional photographer, I have lived to create and share, and help others unlock their creative voices.

Let's Make Art

A few years ago, it became very clear I was to pursue art full time. This has been a grand adventure in exploring the interweaving of beauty, faith, and creativity. 

You’ll see that much of my work conveys elements of life, texture, and a sense of timeless moments: A sculpture of a child playing, a musician and his instrument, the flow of an evening gown, or a dancer sculpting the air with movement.  

The lens with which I view the world

is more beautiful and intriguing 

because I create. 

What makes you pause to notice?

My work is a tactile response to the world around me, to moments that cause one to pause, and notice. Intrinsic beauty will do that; it causes us to stop, observe, and let ourselves be moved by the presence, and mystery of what we find beautiful or intriguing.

Sculpting and creating are as integral to me as breathing, but so is teaching. If you’d like to share in the tactile experience of sculpting clay into 3D images and forms, I’d love to help you explore your creative voice.

Unlock Your Creative Voice


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